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Documents, photographs, illustrations, videos, music, software, and other materials (hereinafter “Content”) on this site are protected by copyright owned by Ororu and third parties. If you use this site, you may download and copy Content only for the purpose of using it personally, within your household, or within other correspondingly limited scope. Incidentally, if the copyright of Ororu or third party is displayed along with Content, said Content must include the displayed copyright when copied. If the individual use conditions required by the copyright holder are displayed with the given Content, you can use said Content in accordance with said conditions even if for a purpose other than copying as stated above. Except in the aforementioned cases and when established by copyright law, you cannot use Content for adaptation, public transmission, or any other purpose or conditions without the copyright holder’s permission. Ororu grants no rights to you (the user) regarding copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, or any other rights related to this site’s Content that belong to Ororu or a third party, and makes no guarantees regarding the Content on this site.


“Link to this site”
If you wish to create a link to this site, please contact Ororu in advance via the CONTACT page, indicating the link source’s (your) management entity, purpose of the link, link source page URL, and other related information. As a general rule, the link destination should be this site’s home (TOP) page. Depending on the circumstances, we may decline your request to create a link.

“Link from this site to another site”
In some cases, this site may be linked to the website of a third party other than Ororu. Ororu offers such links for the convenience of this site’s users. Please understand, however, that Ororu is not responsible for the content of link destination sites. Incidentally, when using a link destination site, please comply with the rules for use.

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