Service Vision


Develop a brand that has sentimental value. 
Through color development technique, produce the distinction and touch of class that manufacturers desire,and create a new sense of value. 
Improve awareness of color development technology, andcreate new value in all industries. 

One-of-a-kind color development for those who want something different

Conventionally, electropolishing has been widely used as a stainless steel surface finishing technique, taking advantage of stainless steel’s properties and heightening its corrosion resistance and shiny appearance. However, this technique tends to produce a strong silver-white metal feel, coldness, and a sense that the product’s overall parts don’t match with the surrounding colors. Thus, it lacks in design performance. In the market, there are many products whose stainless steel material is colored with paint and/or where application is limited to the top layer; however, color development having both excellent design performance and durability is difficult to achieve. We believe that meeting this condition is a market need. If our independently developed technology is utilized (given its excellent design performance and durability), this market need can be met and a new sense of value, “sentimental value,” can be created. Our one-of-a-kind “Ororu” color development technique is indeed an exclusive, new service that the market has been waiting for. 

Under the NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) “Program to Promote Translation R&D for SMEs,” Ororu is engaged in the challenge of developing technology to color stainless steel. As a result, Ororu has succeeded in making improvements to color unevenness and lot-to-lot color variations, which conventional technologies couldn’t, and has tied that to the commercialization of the world’s only stainless steel color development technique that achieves color tone uniformity (*1). 

*Domestic and international patent acquisition 

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