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"ORORU® Treatment" is the world's first technology to bring unprecedented colors to stainless steel with a thin film just 100 nanometers​* thick.

Our idea is not to color stainless steel, but to give it a structural color that is produced by the refraction of light, like the surface of a soap bubble or the wings of a butterfly. This is why ORORU has the world's first patented technology for controlling the thickness of stainless steel oxide film coating.


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BLUE 160nm YELLOW 192nm RED 233nm

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Uniform and Beautiful Coating

Perfect control over the thickness of the oxide film coating results in a uniform and consistent color. From small parts as small as 3.2 mm to large objects up to 3 meters long, ORORU can produce rich colors.​

Color management can transform your product.

Whether it's using red for pipes that get hot during operation or aligning all stainless steel equipment with your company's brand colors, color management can have a huge impact on convenience and recognition.​

Not only beautiful, but sustainable and safe

With the introduction of "ORORU® treatment," the functional strength of stainless steel, such as corrosion resistance, can be further improved.

  • Corrosion resistance more than doubled​

    High-quality coating treatment more than doubles the corrosion resistance of conventional products. The beautiful texture of the surface treatment can be maintained even when installed in areas exposed to water. Not only that, but it can be used in places where stainless steel is traditionally difficult to use, such as outdoors and close to the sea.

  • ​Clean surface

    ​The special surface treatment ensures the preservation of color and the prevention of fingerprints. The very slight unevenness also makes it easy to clean.

  • Anti-allergenic​

    As a technology that delivers safe and reliable stainless steel, the coating is more than 100 times thicker than usual, which has been shown to reduce allergic reactions to metals.​


We have created a virtual showroom with an immersive 360-degree display of the vibrant colors of products using the ORORU® treatment.
We invite you to experience the world of ORORU.

Enter the virtual showroom

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Mechanism of "ORORU® Treatment"

Stainless steel technology increases corrosion resistance by coating steel with a thin film such as chromium. Initially, this film was colorless and transparent, so it was widely believed that stainless steel is silver in color.

Theoretically, the refractive index of this film could be changed by controlling its thickness, but the difficulty of achieving perfect uniformity meant that it could not be used in industrial products.

Now, thanks to the special treatment developed by ORORU, this long-cherished dream of custom coloring has finally become a reality. This first-of-its-kind technology improves the corrosion and allergy resistance of stainless steel, while retaining its original beautiful texture.

  • Thicker coatings without the ORORU® treatment​​

    If you cannot control the thickness of the film, the color will be uneven​
  • ORORU® treatment​

    The thickness of the film is made uniform, resulting in a beautiful color​